June 24, 2017

Subscription ordering is finally here!

So! We finally have subscription ordering available! Here's how it works!

Basically, you just order your bundle and nominate how often you want it delivered (whether that’s every 1-6 months) and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Combination Bundle Subscription 

And if you choose to jump on board with the subscription based ordering you get 15% off your order, for as long as you're subscribed. 

We just think this is a really good way to keep you on top of your regimen and you never have to run out again. If you’re not sure how often you need to have it ordered, don’t worry. We can tweak it as we go. Just send me an email with what you want to change and I’ll take care of it. 

But we have an offer going until FRIDAY 30TH OF JUNE!
-But if you sign up before then... we'll honour the deal for the lifetime of your subscription. 

You know how we offer half price add ons at check out right? Well, if you add one of those to your cart with your subscription, we’ll throw in another FREE! 

So… say you grabbed a Gentle Exfoliant with your bundle for $30 (normally $60) we’ll throw in a FREE Intense Eye Crème. Or maybe you want a Moisture Boost Serum instead? Just let us know. Whatever you feel like you need to make your bundle complete. 

So here's an example of how that could look: 

Combination Skin Bundle 
Unbundled RRP $235
Bundled RRP $150
With subscription $127.50

Then add... 

Gentle Exfoliant RRP $60 - $30 

And we'll throw in: 

Intense Eye Creme RRP $60 - FREE 

Value: $355 
Total: $157.50! 

But hold on... 

If you really want to get the party started… 

How would you like to upgrade that 200ml cleanser up to a 1L professional size cleanser?

[For scale my head is roughly the size of a small football field]

Mountain View 

Well… if you order before Friday 30th June 2017 and you add a half-price Exfoliant AND the Intense Eye Crème for $30/each we’ll upgrade your cleanser from the 200ml up to a 1L Professional size (that we normally reserve for beauty therapists and salons) AND we’ll also throw in a FREE Moisture Boost Serum (or any singular product you feel like you need, just let us know what you’d prefer in the notes). 

So… to put that into perspective, the professional size is like having 5 cleansers. It’s a lot of cleanser. 

So here's an example of how that could look... 

Combination Skin Bundle 
Unbundled RRP $235
Bundled RRP $150

With subscription $127.50

Then add... 

Gentle Exfoliant RRP $60 - $30
Intense Eye Creme RRP $60 - $30
*Moisture Boost Serum RRP $55 - FREE (let us know in the notes if you'd rather have something else instead). 

+ 1L Lemon Myrtle Cleanser upgrade (volume of 5 cleansers [for the lifetime of your subscription]) 

Total value 

$685 (if you price out the cost of 5 cleansers in that 1L bottle)
$506 (if you price the 1L cleanser at $96 which is the wholesale price we give to salons but they have to spend a few grand to get that so... ya know...) 

Total with subscription: 


We’re really hoping this will be a really useful way to make sure you’re able to stay on top of your regimen and never run out again. I know I hate the feeling of running out of product (sometimes happens to me if I’m travelling and haven’t prepared properly…) and you’re at the mercy of whatever products are around (after a lifetime of Cactus I’m spoiled). 

I don't know if I mentioned, but you can cancel anytime, change anytime... whatever. We really want to make sure this is really valuable for you. So yeah, no contracts. Total flexibility. 

If you have any questions, please just email me. I know it could be a lot to take in so yeah, just let me know and I’m sure we can sort you out. 

Otherwise here’s the link to get started! 
June 02, 2017

The importance of White Clay Masking

If you want to detox your skin, encourage production of new healthy tissue, reduce pore size, reduce inflammation and prevent scarring from acne, if you really want to improve the tone, look and feel of your skin, you need to do yourself a favour and apply our White Clay Mask once per week for the rest of your life. View full article →
June 01, 2017

Love your body (and look after it).

Ryan Clark - Cactus Skincare brand managerIt seems like nowadays, due to the nature of blogs and the media in general needing to strike a nerve that will either irritate or aggravate, things seem to be so polarised.

I feel like I want to weigh in here because I really think it’s important to look after yourself. For your mood, health and so you don’t need to go to the doctor twice a month once you hit 40. What you put into your body is going to affect your health. As a flow on affect, it can manifest itself in your skin’s appearance. Also depending on your diet you can find yourself carrying some extra body fat which can lead to heart disease, cancer and depression. 

I started thinking more about this after I had a conversation with a girl who is/was a part time model. She said she used to keep a picture of a Victoria’s Secret model with the goal that she would look like that one day. She made that her goal and was open about that. Only thing is that she didn’t do much research into nutrition and so would starve herself when she had a shoot coming up, then once the shoot was done she would go and pig out on all the foods she’d craved whilst she was starving herself. Which then makes your body store more calories as fat as your body has been in starvation mode so has gotten used to burning less calories.

So now, she says she doesn’t keep those photos and doesn’t strive for that anymore because it doesn’t make her happy.

But she still has a bad diet, drinks heavily on the weekends and struggles with anxiety. I just wonder if she might be happier if she was investing more time into really finding out what it takes to truly look after yourself.

Love your body

Is there a happy medium to be had?

Looking after yourself is so hard in this day and age. I get that. It takes a lot of energy to break habits, to find out exactly what your body needs in order to thrive. Bad food is everywhere (and it smells so good…) It’s also hard when everyone else is trashing their body come the weekend to keep yourself responsible. Maybe you had a hard week and you just want to forget for a bit.

I say this as someone who drank a half bottle (at least) of whisky every day for 3 years while we were building the online business for Cactus Skincare. When you have the stress of running a business and having your mind all over the place it’s very tempting to use a depressant to shut things off for a bit.

I had a bigger problem than most I reckon. I mention this just to illustrate that I totally understand that first thought of not being able to imagine a life without your chosen vice. But I did manage to make a change and I feel amazing. I barely drink at all anymore, but a nice wine over a special dinner is enjoyed so much more when I have it. I have better quality sleep and feel more peaceful inside.

It is absolutely up to each individual to decide what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and that is always a work in progress. I know it is for me. But I love learning about nutrition and experimenting with foods and exercises that make me feel better.

So what does it mean to love your body? Maybe a good way to get some fresh perspective (if needed) is to think about how you would treat your body if it were your child? Would you feed your child take out every night? How much booze would you feed your child? Would you encourage your child to play with their friends? Take up a sport?

If you do decide you want to make a change, my advice would be to take it slow. Be kind to yourself and be happy with gradual improvements in your health. You’re only competing with yourself.

What do you think? Have I missed the mark? Not considered something? Want me to go into more detail about anything? I’d love to hear your comments below
May 24, 2017

Towards Better Health and Beauty for the Eyes

Deborah De Silva- Cactus Skincare Founder



Eyebrow and Eyelid Function



Eyebrows, eyelids and eyelashes can look great but they also have important functionality.

Eyebrows are designed to prevent perspiration and debris from entering the eye socket.

Eyelids make sure that the eyes are kept moist, spreading out tears that are produced by the lacrimal apparatus, tiny structures that create tears.

Moisture Protection

It’s very important to keep the skin surrounding the eyes clean and safe. This skin is very thin and produces much less sebum (protective oil that skin ordinarily produces everywhere else). Over time, it loses its elasticity and begins to droop, eventually falling into crepey folds. This loss of elasticity can be prevented or slowed down with a bit of care and maintenance. 

First, we need to make sure the skin is clean and free of makeup morning and night. The application of a rich eye crème is essential to lock in moisture. It’s moisture loss (apart from sun damage) that is the key factor in the formation of lines and wrinkles.

As collagen and elastin fibres dehydrate, they become thinner, the skin loses its plumpness and that’s when lines form and eventually develop into wrinkles.

Your eye crème should leave a fine film on the skin, which acts as a barrier to moisture loss and helps maintain moisture in the collagen fibres, which in turn gives a lovely supple, plump and healthy appearance to our visage.


It’s a good idea to avoid makeup as much as possible. Be very careful what you use, especially in the delicate eye area. Look for brands that are hypoallergenic.

When wearing makeup, try not to be heavy handed. Removal of makeup, especially if it has been applied heavily, will require a fair amount of pulling and tugging which stretches the skin and over time will increase the laxness of it and contribute substantially to premature ageing.

As a last thought about makeup, whatever you do, don’t ever try makeup testers on your eyes, it’s possible to contract an infection.


The eyelids contain no subcutaneous fat or sebaceous glands and the skin is very thin and delicate. That’s why the eye area is one of the first parts of the body to show signs of ageing. It’s imperative that your eye crème is a rich formulation. You’re wasting your money if you try using a gel or light crème. The water content in it will evaporate as you are applying it.

Intense Eye Creme application

Never drag your eye crème on to your skin. Always warm it up by rubbing your fingers together and pat the crème around the outer edges of the eye beginning with the brow bone, then the outer sides of the eye and down onto the lower lid under the eye.

Get plenty of sleep. When you sleep, the reparative hormones come out and set to work restoring the body. I always liken it to Disneyland. When the park shuts down for the night, people come out with paint, paint brushes, tools and go to work touching everything up so that when it opens again the next day, it looks fresh and brand new. No tired looking rides or attractions. 


While lids, lashes and brows are working to keep the eyes moist, protected and functioning well, we need to ensure that the skin on the outer edges of the eye is protected and well moisturized.

Within Cactus Skincare’s Eye Crème Intense, you have highly functional ingredients like Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Avocado Oil and now introducing Prickly Pear Oil (powerful antioxidant) among others, which serve a quadruple purpose in sealing the skin to moisture loss, antioxidant protection, anti-ageing properties and vitamins and minerals as aids to daily skin health. 

All these work together to create a clean, protected and healing environment to help guard against free radical damage, dryness, irritation and premature ageing.

Cactus Skincare Intense Eye Creme

Cactus Skincare Intense Eye Creme


May 11, 2017

How sleep affects your skin

Guest Blogger: Sarah Halloran
Sarah Halloran | How sleep affects your skin
When it comes to your skin your sleep is important! There is a lot of science behind good skin and good sleep, let me break it down for you a little..

When your body is sleep deprived it produces more of a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol is what is flooded into the bloodstream when you feel stressed. It's main function is to increase blood sugar levels, which in turn cause inflammation and weaken the immune system. These two factors cause an increase in the skin’s sensitivity, usually resulting in acne breakouts or an increase of immune related problems such as dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis.

When the body feels an increase in inflammatory cells it responds by increasing the breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Collagen is the main protein found in skin and connective tissue, it’s the little guy we can thank for our skins youthful colour and bouncy glow. Hyaluronic acid is a substance organically found in the body that has natural healing and moisturising properties. Having this breakdown of your body’s natural moisture resource can be especially damaging with a lack of sleep, as your body uses that time to restore its hydration balance.

Ever wake up after a long night and rush to Google puffy bags solutions? You looked so good the night before, what happened? As your body sleeps, it takes that time to process excess water for elimination from the body, while it stores moisture in the areas it knows is needed. When it doesn’t get enough sleep, your body will go into somewhat of a survival mode and it will store as much water as it can and where it can; i.e. right under your peepers!

So moisture as well as other imperative substances to your skins health don’t get to where they need to go when and your body reacts in not so pleasant ways, such as prominent wrinkles and dry spots and breakouts.The good news though is that during lots of good deep sleeps the body allows a rise in growth hormones; which means while you dream of running through open fields and floating along calming waves, your body is actually working magic by reversing and repairing damaged cells. By prioritising to allow yourself a solid 6-8 hours every night, you’ll wake up feeling fresh and looking even better.

And while good sleep helps, so does topical treatment! Trial a full skin regimen of Cactus Skincare suited to your skin here for just $9.95!
Cactus Skincare Sample regimen
February 09, 2017

How do Anti-Oxidants work?


 Guest blogger: Olivia Arezzolo

Olivia Arezollo - Gentle Exfoliant - Cactus SkincareYou’ve heard that it’s important to eat foods high in antioxidants to optimise your wellbeing, fight free radicals, brighten your skin and prevent cancer; but have you ever considered what happens when these compounds are found in your facial products? At Cactus, we pride in only creating products we can be proud of, so we squeeze as many of these skin optimisation agents into each and every product. Take for example Nature’s Anti-Oxidant Crème, which features Olive Leaf extract with 400% more antioxidant power than Vitamin C. Or consider the Lemon Mrytle Cleanser, which has extraordinary levels of Vitamin E and A, known for their antioxidant content and ability to rejuvenate the skin.


First, let us explain how antioxidants work. , cause our skin to age, blemish, look dull and appear uneven in colour and texture. This happens as the nasty free radicals, on a microscopic level, target healthy cells walls, destroying them and causing the death of the cell. On a surface level, this is why the skin cells look less-than-ideal after being victims of the free radical curse.

But it helps to know exactly what’s going on. Free radicals, are basically cells with only one electron. Now, cells want to be paired… so that unhealthy cell will take an electron from a healthy cell, rendering that one unhealthy. That unhealthy cell will then go about finding another cell to take an electron from to pair up and so an unhealthy cycle is born.

Anti-Oxidants basically donate an electron to the cell looking for a mate and render that problem gone.

Olivia Arezzolo - Lemon Myrtle Cleanser - Cactus Skincare

Free radicals are hyperactive when we are under stress, eat poorly, drink alcohol, are exposed to cigarette smoke, the sun, or due to a lack of sleep. Given these factors, it’s safe to say that all of us are most likely to be facing some serious damage to our skin cells, therefore to ensure we do not suffer these dismal skin consequences, we need to balance this with an antioxidant rich skin care routine – we suggest a three step daily routine tailored to your skin type.

For us at Cactus, we feel that knowing this information, it is not only a pleasure, but a duty, to deliver a product range is packed (yes, and we mean packed) with antioxidant rich ingredients such as Lemon Myrtle and Olive Leaf Extract: these elements are responsible for removing free radicals and their toxicity from our system and allowing the skin to glow – naturally. Healing from the inside out, when we do this our skin appears smooth, blemish free, even in colour and supple. Just as nature intended. 

Cactus Skincare - Trial regimen suited to your skin!

Trial a regimen suited to your skin for just $9.95!

June 03, 2015

Are hot showers making you old?

DEFINITELY don't let the shower head go directly on your face!I’ve got a bit of a depressing blog for you. Too much time in the shower could be drying out your skin. We all love a nice hot shower in the morning to wake up, and maybe if you’re feeling saucy, a nice hot shower after a long day at work. But the problem is that when you have a shower, the water can strip your skin of the natural oils that the body produces to keep your skin soft and hydrated. So best to go for short showers and luke-warm rather than hot.

Also use a soap for sensitive skin, preferably without sodium lauryl sulphate because that will irritate your skin and dry it out also. It’s also a good idea to shave with a moisturising shaving crème. Have a look on the ingredients in your shaving crème and avoid any products with alcohol or sodium lauryl sulphate early on in the ingredients list. Because once again, those ingredients will dry out your skin and you’re more likely to cut yourself shaving too. I use our lemon myrtle cleanser which does the trick nicely.

DEFINITELY never put your face directly under the shower head. This can dry out your skin and irritate it.
Bring water to your face with your hands instead of putting your face directly underneath the showerhead.Instead, bring water to your face with your hands. This gives the water a chance to cool off and is less intense on your skin. 

Another little trick to help you keep your skin moisturised is to pat yourself dry with your towel instead of rubbing. When you rub with your towel you strip your skin of oils. Ideally drip dry is best, but who’s going to do that? Nobody, not me anyway.

Finally, always moisturise after you shower with an antioxidant rich moisturiser, this will seal your skin to moisture loss and protect your skin from free radicals over the day. Well, that’s it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that’s the way it is. Love to hear your thoughts on all this! If you have a question, we’d love to hear your comment below!
October 07, 2014

A brief history of Cactus.

Cactus Skincare - Logo

My mother started Cactus with my father around the year 1990 when the recession around that time hit and she could no longer afford the products she was using. She had a thought that maybe she could make her own products? She started reading peer reviewed journals about skin, how it works and how natural oils interact with it. After a while, she was able to come up with a formulation that was able to solve her dry skin problem. She then made a formulation that managed to keep my father's seborrheic dermatitis at bay.Then she started to solve skin problems for friends, it became a hobby and she found that she was good at it.

Before long, these friends were coming back and asking for more. Then friends of those friends would get in touch after asking what those friends had been doing with their skin. At some point, between them they decided that they should probably create a company. My father is a graphic designer so he designed up packaging and they started selling it locally. Almost entirely by word of mouth the brand grew slowly. At one point and by accident really... the brand ended up being stocked in America exclusively through plastic surgeons and dermatologists. I actually went over there when I was 18 and worked with the company as an intern for 3 months but then decided that I really didn't want to work in skincare (what an idiot).

However after a while there was a falling out with the American distributors around the time I was 20 and almost all business into the USA fell flat. After that, the business meandered a bit and eventually was shut down completely when my parents got divorced in 2007.

I have always been a dreamer. I have never had realistic goals. When I was in high school, I assumed I would be a celebrity by the time I was 21. I started my first band when I was 14 and we would play wherever we could. Over the years I did various musical projects, I did a bit of acting, studied tv presenting at Max Rowley Media Academy and won more awards than they had ever given out in the 30 years they'd been operating. However after a few years of trying, I never got as much as one job. I continued to make music and act in short films while working in cafe's as a barista.


Ryan Clark - 2006 latte art finalsRyan Clark - Latte artRyan Clark - Double Rosetta
I was quite passionate about my coffee making and in 2007 I came second in a national latte art championship. But... I never had even a small amount of break through in any of my creative pursuits. I had always believed that I had the ability to make it as a creative, however when I was 28 I went through a bad break up. The break up was my decision and I broke a heart. The only reason I include this detail is that I would hate for that person to feel as though I was blaming them. Anyway, I decided it was time to grow up. I decided to sell out.

I thought I would put my creative abilities towards a career in advertising. I had a friend called Steve Coll who I had gotten to know through my ex who was a bit of a rockstar in advertising. He'd just won the Cannes Grand Prix for Creative Effectiveness for the Walkers 'Sandwich' campaign. He is a rare amazing person who I have a lot of respect for and many times as I have been going about the business of shaping the man I want to be, I have kept him in mind. He had just taken the job as Executive Creative Director at an ad agency that is now known as Havas.

I called him up and could barely get the words out through the tears I was crying at the time. I had experienced so much failure in my life and at 28 I asked him if I could come and work for him if I worked for free. I figured I could work in a cafe on the weekend and I would fight and I would survive and I would win in the end. He kept his composure and said that he though that sounded like a great idea and that he thought I would be good at it. He gave me a paid internship as a copywriter and was very generous with his time and helped mentor me through the process.

Ryan Clark - advertising days

It is not an easy thing to take on an internship as a broke 28 year old and advertising can be a bit of a lions den, but I was determined to succeed. I remember I would just repeat in my head "I'm going to win" over and over. The first weekend I was there I worked over the weekend (I didn't have a job as a barista at that time). The agency had to get a promo video done and I knew how to edit video because of all the short films I had made. I said yes to any opportunity I could and had the opportunity to work with brands like Mortein (the save Louey the Fly campaign), Clearasil, Woolmark and a few others. However after the 3 months of my internship were up, the company had a hiring freeze imposed, so Steve was given the difficult job of telling me and the other intern I was working alongside were told that they were sorry but they couldn't offer employment. Then, after a week of processing that. Steve took me to coffee and told me that the agency had wrangled to keep one intern but that they were keeping my partner. He said it had nothing to do with my work. He said that my work was great, but Jack, my partner had more history with the agency and he was very sorry.

To this day I think he made the right decision. He was a better fit with the agency and to be honest I'm glad I'm not in advertising. Anyway... Steve put his money where his mouth was and told me he was going to try and get me a job somewhere. He got me an interview with the Executive Creative Director at an agency called 303 which is now called 303 Lowe. Before I went, Steve briefed me up and told me that Executive Creative Directors are very time poor and I should be wary of that and don't be offended if he takes a quick look and to expect the meeting to last around 10-15 minutes. He kept me for an hour and we talked about ideas and creativity. He offered me a job on the spot.

I told Steve and he was delighted. He said, don't say yes yet because I've lined you up an interview with a Creative Director at Droga 5. Now... just a bit of context. Droga 5 is the dream agency for a creative. It's the sort of agency where when someone is retrenched in advertising people will say "Hey, you never know... you may get a job at Droga..." It's the sort of place where if you work there for 5 years, you can get a job anywhere and name your price (incidentally Steve is now the ECD at Droga). Again, Steve warned me to be conscious of the Creative Directors time. I mentioned this to the guy I met with. I told him that the last guy kept me for an hour. He said "well, don't be offended if I don't keep you that long things are crazy here right now." He kept me for an hour and 15 minutes. At the end of the meeting he asked me when my internship ended, I told him Friday. He asked me if I'd like to start on Monday. He asked me how much money I needed to earn. I said "Well... it's Droga... so... minium wage?" (I would have done it for free). He shook my hand and said "done". He told me that he just had to square things away with the powers that be and he would email me on Sunday.

He did email me Sunday but said that he hadn't squared things away just yet but to leave it with him. Steve was delighted for me but told me that nothing was ever certain in advertising until you're sitting at a desk and someone has made an email address for you with your name on it... so he told me not to say no to 303 just yet.

After 3 months of working in a cafe and emailing once a fortnight, trying to always come up with new and creative headers so's not to be too annoying but to stay on his mind and see how things were going, I got an email back saying that they had just lost their biggest client and they would probably be doing reverse hiring rather than hiring.

I keep in touch with that Creative Director and count him as a friend, one time he asked me if I would be interested in starting an agency with him in exchange for shares in the company. I said I'd be interested of course, but that hasn't eventuated yet.


Cactus Skincare - First instagram post

Around that time my mother told me she was starting Cactus again. A more simplified line and instead of just being natural, she wanted it to be natural and organic. She said she didn't have a budget to pay me, but she would make me a partner. I had always wondered why Cactus Skincare wasn't a massive company. Everyone had always raved about the product and my parents always looked a lot younger than their friends that didn't use the product. I had been developing ideas in my head about what I would do with the company if I was a part of it. So I said yes.

For about a year and a half I experimented with various things on social media, but I quickly learned that creating a social media profile is a lot harder when you can't throw 100k a week in facebook ads at it like I could when I was working in an agency... so we pretty much made no traction at all really for about a year and a half. Also, I was looking to my mother for leadership. I respected her position as the director of the company. Then one day mum turned to me and said, "Ryan, I'm burned out. I want to quit. If you want this to work, you are going to have to be the leader. You need to do it. I've been doing this for 20 years and now I'm burning through my nest egg and if I go down below $X. I'm throwing in the towel."

It was just the kick up the butt I needed. I poured myself into more books on copywriting, emotional intelligence, buyer psychology and motivational books. I read dozens. When I was in my car, or cleaning the house I would be listening to audiobooks. But if there is one book that stood out head and shoulders above them all, it's Linchpin by Seth Godin.

For a while I had developed the feeling that I was just missing some crucial ingredient that everyone else had that allowed them to succeed. I thought I was too soft and that I lived in a world of sharks (no offence to any sharks reading this... I signed the petition to stop the cull so... yeah). Linchpin is loosely a book about marketing but talked about not worrying about money. Focus on your art. Be genuine. Never let money be the main contributing reason for doing anything. He said that people are so sensitive to BS that sincerity is impossible to fake and being genuine is the most powerful currency you can possibly possess.

I listened to that audiobook 5 times in a row. It changed my life.


Cactus Skincare - Instagram post

We started offering free samples if you signed up for our newsletter. We put them in a nice little craft envelope with a bit of potpourri. We also included a hand written note that my mother would write in her beautiful handwriting saying that she hoped they would enjoy the samples. Once we put that into practice, our business doubled in turnover every month for 6 months (we're talking about going from selling maybe 3 products in the store to selling 6 the next month then 12...)

Then, one monday we had 12 people sign up for samples, which was a normal number at the time. The next day we had 230, the day after that we had 780, the next day it was 815. The day after that, I shut down the list and emailed everyone to let them know that we'd had a huge surge and there was going to be a delay but that we'd get them out ASAP.

It turns out that there are sites where people can list businesses that offer free samples. We got featured on about 5 of them overnight.

Ryan Clark - Exhausted

It took 2 weeks of 16 hour days and many hours donated by kind friends who helped us get them out. And... I'm pretty sure at most of them fell apart in the mail... previously to this moment we had been buying the samples from a local art supplies store. They didn't have enough to cover our demand so we had to go with a wholesaler. Nowadays we put those envelopes in a mailer bag in case so they don't fall apart.

We didn't see much of an increase in full size sales and I still get nasty emails from some of the people who signed up and I apologise and send them another pack.

After much deliberation, we decided we would start charging $5 for samples and we slowly started growing again. The $5 really just barely covers the cost of production and in some cases we lose money. It costs us $6.45 to send to the USA and we charge $3 for shipping there. We consider making a loss on the samples as a marketing cost. It's a statement that we believe in our products and we have enough people who come out the other end as long term customers that it's a worthy investment.

Then around October last year, we started offering bundle packs. We would pack everything you need for your skin type in a box for a big discount. My mother would gift wrap them beautifully and include a handwritten note. Then we started to grow at a rate of about 30% a month. Shortly after that, mum had to stop handwriting notes because we were too busy (I would have helped her but I have terrible handwriting).

So yeah... that growth has continued to this day. Nowadays our biggest fear and the thing that has kept me up at night is whether we will be able to keep up with growth. I have decided not to worry about that. If we run out, we run out. We'll make another order and let people know when we have more. People are more understanding than you can imagine if you are just genuine. If you tell them you are struggling. I believe there is infinite goodness in the world if you are willing to make the first move and be genuine.


Nowadays, I drive a nice car, I live in a nice house. I have a warm working relationship with my mother.  

Ryan Clark - Suit and tie

I also just started a personal account on instagram. I'd like some followers as much as the next guy, so if you're game... it's @ryantheclark (All the other Ryan Clark options were taken)



If you are reading this and you have experienced failure, I hope you value it as much as I do. Without failure, you will never have enough fire to push through and do something truly rewarding. I hope that when you fail, when you are let down that you will choose kindness. I hope that you will choose generosity. I hope that when you choose kindness and generosity and it is met with cynicism or hatred that you will choose to realise that that negativity only comes from that person's own insecurities and pain. I hope you will choose to respond firmly but from a position of kindness. I hope you will value yourself and stick up for yourself but I hope that you will do it from a place in which you wish the best for that person.


I hope that if you have ever felt worthless that you will take my word for it when I say that you aren't.

I hope I bump into you one day so that I can shake your hand and tell you to keep going.

Ryan x



July 15, 2014

Bullied Teen to Beauty Queen! Kate Johnson talks beauty and keeping it real.

Kate Johnson has won the title of Mrs Australia and is about to represent Australia in the worldwide competition. As a child, Kate was bullied but has chosen to use those experiences to make the most of her life, to be the best person she can be. 
I personally find her to be an absolute inspiration. 
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May 17, 2014

Can you treat pimples without using Salicylic Acid?

Cactus Skincare founder Deborah De SilvaWe recently had a great question from a customer that I forwarded onto our founder Deborah to answer. Her answer was so detailed, I decided it might be valuable to put here as a blog post. Let us know if you have any questions! We love helping!

I have couple of questions about your cleanser. You use apricot and avocado oil as the base. I know that oil dissolves oil and cleansing with oil is quite popular and there are so many of them out there: jojoba, sesame, sunflower.

I was wondering why did you choose specifically to use avocado and apricot? do they have better cleansing properties than the other oils do? These two oil are high in oleic acid which is great for dry skin but what about those with oily/acne prone will it be suitable for them? Is it true that problematic skin can benefit better from linoleic acid (grapeseed, hemp) rather than oleic?

And last what do you think of castor oil? is it true that this oil gives the most cleansing properties compared to all other oils?

Deborah's answer:
Thanks for your question. Salicylic Acid does help remove blocked pores, pimples and acne if the volume in the formulation is right. We choose to treat acne and pimples differently as there is the issue of photosensitivity when using this acid and other acids. It can increase your sun sensitivity by about 50% (which can cause photo-ageing and in some cases, skin cancer) There can be other skin irritant side effects as well.

Are there other ways of treating the problem without resorting to salicylic acid? Yes, absolutely.

There are a number of ingredients in the Lemon Myrtle Cleanser that assist with the process of clearing the skin and it works in conjunction with Light Balancing Creme and in particular, White Clay Mask.

Lemon Myrtle Cleanser

Let me give you an explanation  of how acne, pimples etc occur. I've taken this from a dermatology website and added comments of my own in blue.


Why Do Pores Clog? www.thedermreview.com

"You probably never considered that pores are your body’s way of staying clean. After all, the stuff that comes out of your pores doesn’t seem clean at all. But underneath your skin are glands called sebaceous glands, and they have a very important purpose. The oil excreted by the sebaceous 


glands, called sebum, acts like a glue to cling to dead skin cells. The skin cells are then excreted from the body through the pores to help you maintain healthy skin.( A good reason to exfoliate with our Gentle Exfoliant.)

"Sometimes, as the glands expel these dead skin cells, build-up can occur and your pores will clog.

The gland will continue to produce oil with no way to release the excess.

The result is an infection called a pimple or blackhead.

(This is where the Lemon Myrtle Oil, Lotus Extract and Sandalwood Oil in our Cleanser help because of their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that assists in fighting the infected pores.) There are also times when outside factors can cause blocked pores or acne. Makeup, pollution and hormonal changes that cause extra oil production can all aggravate and cause clogged pores on the face. (providing the skin with small percentages of external clean oil helps balance the skin so that it doesn't over produce from the inside and therefore cause blockages).

"In most cases, clogged pores on nose and face can be reduced or completely eradicated with the right treatment. When treating clogged pores, it isn’t enough just to wash the top layer of your skin. This will only clean the skin superficially ( this is just one reason not to use common foaming cleansers using sodium laurel sulphateand won’t work to remove all of the oils that builds up and clogs your pores. Instead, you need special products and treatments that can penetrate deep down into the pores and prevent the build-up of oil and dead skin cells in the first place.

Because of Apricot Kernel Oil and Aloe Vera Gel in our cleanser that have super fine molecular structure, Lemon Myrtle Cleanser cleans at the deepest levels of the skin.

How does oil clean oily skin, wouldn't it just clog up more and cause more acne? I say to people who ask this question, next time they have an oily build up on the bathtub that needs cleaning, use Apricot Kernel oil and see how well it cleans the bathtub ring whilst giving it a nice shine 

One more thing, the White Clay Mask is essential to detoxifying the skin and in particular, the acne areas.

Cactus Skincare - White Clay MaskThe three main products to get the best results are the Lemon Myrtle CleanserWhite Clay Mask and Light Balancing Creme. The best idea would be to buy these as a Bundle Pack as that offers the best value.

Remember also, that you can trial this full regimen for yourself for $9.95 here!

Oily Skin Bundle Pack

Have a look at the testimonials on our Facebook page from people with similar skin to yours that have had a successful outcome. 

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