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  • Active ingredients


    Our products contain an extremely high concentration of active ingredients. We don't put things on the label to look good or act as fillers; everything placed into our products has been carefully considered & is there to help your skin find its bloom.
  • 100% natural & organic

    & organic

    We know that what you put on your skin is as important to you as it is to us. That is why all the Cactus Flower Skincare products are natural & organic so you can be confident that your skin isn't being exposed to anything it shouldn't be.
  • Sensitive

    skin friendly

    The founder of Cactus Flower Skincare had extremely sensitive skin and so when creating the Cactus range, was super conscious of how damaging (and frustrating) products that effect your skin can be. The result is sensitive skin friendly products that are both kind & effective on your skin.
  • Australian

    made & owned

    We are 100% Australian made and owned and run by actual people living & breathing in Sydney that do a little happy dance whenever you buy & love our skincare products.
  • 25+ years

    25+ years
    of history

    Cactus Flower Skincare has been helping people find their bloom now for over 25 years & have loved every single minute of it. Our current range of products have evolved as skin science & knowledge of how to blend science with the best nature has to offer has evolved.
  • Cruelty free

    Cruelty free
    & eco-friendly

    Our products have never been tested on animals (and never will be) and are ethically sourced. We package in glass and recyclable materials where possible to try reduce our impact on the environment and please ask that you recycle your products / dispose of them thoughtfully where you can.

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