How does your cleanser work?

The important thing for a cleanser to be able to do is to penetrate the deepest layers of your skin with high quality ingredients to give a deep deep clean. If it can’t do that, then rancid oils are going to build up and you will be left with black heads, pimples and uneven skin tone caused by toxins that are not being removed.

Also, some cleansers can be too aggressive. If you have oily skin, you probably just want to strip it all away, right? Well, if you do that… a few things can happen. You can leave your skin unprotected, which can lead to skin redness. Or, your skin might panic and over produce oils to compensate (which can lead to pimples). Or you’ll just end up with dry skin.

Instead, we use Apricot Kernel Oil, which is molecularly structured so finely that it is able to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. As a fantastic carrier oil, it is also able to take with it the anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties of the Lemon Myrtle Oil which will dissolve all those rancid oils without stripping your skin of its acid mantle.

So, it’s a smart cleanser.

What do you mean when you say your products seal the skin?

The first phase/job our moisturisers are going to tackle is to seal the skin to moisture loss and free radical damage. Free radical damage can come from things like the sun, air borne pollutants, also oxygen believe it or not! That sounds a little counter-intuitive so I’ve included an article below.


Think of an apple, when you take that first bite of it, you break the seal that the skin was keeping over it. At first, the skin is all white and delicious… but within a few minutes it starts to go brown. It’s under attack from free radicals.

The same forces are at work on your skin.

When you were a kid, your skin was producing a lot of oil. It was all regulated and working great. You didn’t have pimples, redness, wrinkles etc. because your skin was protected with a fantastic barrier that protected it from free radical attack.

We basically want to recreate that. It’s not rocket science, and with high quality ingredients it’s actually very simple.

What’s with the name ‘Cactus Skincare’?

We use cactus extracts containing anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties in our products. But more significantly is the idea that a cactus is able to stay hydrated in one of the harshest environments in the world. We here in Australia have one of the harshest climates in the world, the highest rate of melanoma and when you travel… you realise we age a lot quicker. Cactus Skincare creates a healthy working environment for skin by retaining moisture and giving the skin the nutrients it needs to repair itself.

What is the main difference between your product and the other products out there?

Our products work to seal the skin to moisture loss, then, using anti-oxidants give the skin the vitamins it needs to repair itself. We want to give your skin a natural, healthy working environment in which it is protected from free radicals which can lead to premature ageing. The principle many other products work on is to strip the skin back using alpha hydroxyl acids or AHA’s and take the skin back to virgin skin. However, in when you do this you increase your skin’s photosensitivity (sensitivity to the sun) which means that you are more susceptible to sun damage, which is a huge factor in premature ageing. They also can harden your skin and make it harder for actual nutrients to penetrate the dermis and heal your skin. There is a case for saying that they will deliver at least a short term aesthetic benefit but in my opinion they are used far too often by most and personally I have always avoided putting them on my own skin.

How do anti-oxidants work?

Your skin is constantly under attack from free radicals in the form of Oxygen, air borne pollutants, the sun etc. Free radicals are unpaired electrons that go around looking for other unpaired electrons and jump from cell to cell causing damage. You may have heard of anti-oxidants referred to as free radical scavengers, well, anti-oxidants are able to donate electrons to these unstable electrons and render them inert. This means your skin can take a break from fighting free radicals. This can also be good for your immune system also.

Do you test on animals?

No. We have never tested on animals and at the time of writing, everyone that works here tries to buy only products that aren’t tested on animals for home too.

Do any of your products contain Palm Oil?

No ma'am/sir.

What is the safety of your preservative?

We use a low irritant preservative called hydroxymethylglycinate. According to the CE European standard and the FDA to be non-irritant at concentrations less than 0.5%. We use it in a concentration of 0.4%.

Are your products Australian made and owned?

Yes. Our products are manufactured in Australia and we are 100% Australian owned by our family.

What products will help with Eczema?

The Natures Antioxidant Creme can help with eczema due to the anti-inflammatory and calming properties of the Lavender oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Lotus Extract, Sandalwood Oil and Vitamin A palmitate. They all share properties that help relieve the symptoms of Eczema and Dermatitis.
Light Balancing Creme also contains Sandalwood oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Lotus Extract which also help relieve these symptoms. The Light Balancing also has Orange and Lemon essential oil to help balance the skin and aid in the prevention of acne and pimples.

Can you treat pimples without using Salicylic Acid?

This answer was so long we had to do a blog post on it... check it out here!