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Why we don’t make a toner.

Why we don’t make a toner.



You may think that we have just left a toner out of our line-up by accident, but its absence in the Cactus Flower range is actually quite deliberate.

We believe that most toners actually do more harm than good in the long run and don’t take into account what a balanced skin environment should look like.


What’s a balanced environment?


Your skin has a natural PH balance that when in alignment, shows your skin to the best possible advantage. You know how some days you seem to have an iridescent glow? Well, that is your skin being in its proper balance.

Many toners were created in response to cleansers that interrupt the natural PH levels of the skin (the toner would be used post cleansing to restore normal balance). 

Our cleanser doesn’t disrupt your skin’s national PH balance or interrupt the precious acid mantle of your skin. This fatty acid called sebum is vital to protecting your skin from airborne pollutants and environmental damage, sealing the skin to moisture loss and protecting it from the early signs of ageing. 

A proper balance in the amount of sebum your skin makes also prevents your skin from creating too much or too little oil. Oily skin for example, is often caused by products that strip oil from your skin, forcing your skin to create more. 



So, if they’re not necessary, why are toners so popular?


There’s no denying it, in the short-term, toners make your skin feel super clean and good. They give the skin a smooth look by shocking the pores shut. In the long run however, this process can cause a loss of elasticity in the pore.

Toners achieve this generally by using some form of alcohol which unfortunately, dries out the skin. Many toners try to get around this by using witch hazel which, as an astringent, acts in a very similar way to alcohol.

Now in saying this, the Internet is a big place and there are stories of people who claim to love witch hazel and toners. We obviously cannot refute their experience, all we can offer is our own experience, research and many beauty trade shows / speaking with different industry people.

In summary, we believe that the potential risk of damage over the long term isn’t worth the short term effects - particularly as using a toner is not necessary to a good regimen. As long as you’re using our Lemon Myrtle Cleanser and doing a White Clay Mask once a week your skin will receive a super deep clean without running the risk of damaging the elasticity of your pores.


If you have any questions around the efficacy of toners, please feel free to get in touch via hello@cactusskincare.com

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