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Ensure your beauty routine goes from head to breasts!

Ensure your beauty routine goes from head to breasts!


If your beauty ritual ends at your chin and doesn't encompass your neck, chest & cleavage, girrrrl, rethink your ritual!

So many people forget to look after their decolletage to that point that even when they have skin on their face that maintains its youthful glow, their chest gives them away. 

So what steps do you need to take to ensure your dècolletage also maintains its youthful looks?



1.  Cleanse


Being situated close to your face, it comes as little surprise that the dècolletage is exposed to the same dirt, grime, oil & environmental damage that the face is exposed to.

When you're going through your cleansing routine, extend its reach down to your chest (and breasts, why should they miss out?) to ensure clean pores and brighter, more radiant looking skin.



2. Exfoliate


Once a week, or twice if you have oilier skin (or if you've just been in grimy situations), give your dècolletage a good exfoliation.

Similar to your face, you don't need to (and shouldn't) scrub your skin red raw, but just enough to remove dead skin, grime & to help promote skin cell turnover.



3. Tighten Up!


Should you moisturise & White Clay Mask your chest the same way you do your face? ABSOLUTELY!

The same pigmentation, elasticity, redness etc issues that plague your face will affect your chest too. Your chest also has surprisingly few muscles that hold up your skin & so can be very prone to sagging.

Using products that tighten, tone and brighten will help your décolletage stay youthful.



4. Hydrate


The skin on your chest is actually thinner & has fewer oil glands than many other parts of your body which means that it is more likely to dry out & be affected by environmental damage.

This means that you may need a heavier moisturiser on this area than you use on the rest of your body. Try using your facial moisturiser down to your breasts & then your usual body moisturiser everywhere else.



5. Sunscreen!

This could literally be our catch-cry, but seriously, wear sunscreen!  

Even in the middle of Winter, your skin is affected by UV rays, so when you apply sunscreen to your face, just continue all the way down to your boobs (or wherever your clothing starts to cover).

Preventing sun damage goes a huge way towards preventing premature ageing.

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