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Boost your Complexion with an easy, at-home facial steam!

Boost your Complexion with an easy, at-home facial steam!


If your feeling like your skin is a bit dull, try an at-home facial steam once a week alongside your usual routine. 


Steaming has many benefits for your skin including:


  • It boosts your cleansing routine as it opens your pores allowing for a softening of blackheads, release of acne & a deeper removal of dirt & bacteria.
  • It promotes circulation delivering more oxygen and blood flow to your skin cells – this extra blood flow brightens your complexion, promotes elastin & collagen production & gives you a deep glow with younger looking skin.
  • It’s naturally hydrating & also helps your skin better absorb your skincare products through prompting the skin to be more permeable / absorbent.
  • It’s calm inducing. If you feel stressed, a facial steam may help you to release a bit of that tension as it soothes your skin, body & mind.
  • It’s available to everyone! You don’t need to shell out huge money at an exclusive day spa to achieve the benefits of a steam, just set up at home with items you already have and steam away!



How to steam at home?


  • Grab a big bowl & a towel – make sure you’re in a comfy spot, pour around 1litre of boiling water into the bowel and place your face over the bowl (being careful not to touch the boiling water with your face, about 15cm above the water is perfect).
  • Place the towel over your head trapping the steam under the towel for around 5-10 minutes, lifting your head out of the towel now & then if you feel like you’re getting too hot.
  • To level up, add a few drops of your fave essential oil or some herbs into the water.  

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