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4 Tips to Protect your Skin from Face Mask Irritation.

4 Tips to Protect your Skin from Face Mask Irritation.


Since wearing a face mask is becoming the norm, you may find that you are seeing redness, irritation or even acne in places on your face where you've never had it before.

So what are some quick tips on how to avoid your skin going to hell whilst you're protecting yourself and everybody else? 


1. Choose a mask made of breathable material like 100% Cotton, Linen, Hemp or Bamboo and switch it out for a new one as soon as it's damp (which will cause irritation). Try to avoid any synthetic fabrics as these don't allow your skin to breathe as well and can increase humidity.

2. Moisturise! If there is friction against your skin it becomes more prone to drying out. If you have to wear a mask all day, try moisturising the area with a lightweight, oil-free every couple of hours.

3. Check your washing powder. This is an area of your body not generally exposed to detergents and it could be as simple as your skin being exposed to irritating chemicals.

4. Keep your skin clean & makeup free under the mask if possible. Wearing makeup can increase the humidity inside the mask, promoting dampness and clogging your pores (as your skin is unable to breathe well anyway in a mask). 

If you have any specific concerns around your skin, please feel free to get in touch at hello@cactusskincare.com 

Stay safe everyone. xx

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