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What is your Pore Shape saying about your skin?

What is your Pore Shape saying about your skin?


 The appearance of your skin pores is mostly determined by your genes but how you treat your skin is also a factor. Whilst there are certain things that you can’t change about your pores, you can certainly help keep their appearance how you want them with the right skincare routine.

What are pores?


Skin pores are tiny openings on the surface of your skin that release oil and sweat from your sebaceous glands. Skin pores play an important role in keeping our skin layer hydrated, removing toxins, regulating temperature and letting the skin ‘breathe’.

The appearance and size of skin pores varies between people. The causes of skin pore concerns such as enlarged pores or clogged pores can also be different depending on the person. Pores are typically categorised based on their shape and where they occur on the skin. Identifying the type and location of skin pores is hugely beneficial in order to treat them.



Addressing your skin pore issues


1. Pore shape and treatment options.

There are three main types of skin pore shapes:

Y-Shaped Pores - caused by reduced skin elasticity due to ageing and reduced skin density. For treatment try the Intense Hydrating Crème which boosts elasticity, deeply hydrates and brightens the skin.

O-Shaped Pores - caused by increased sebum production for hormonal reasons or dilation of pores due to inflammation and acne. A great treatment for this particular issue is using a mask to tighten your pores and reduce inflammation. Try our White Clay Mask which helps naturalise sebum production and stimulates cellular turnover. Or for a complete regimen, look into the Perfect Skin Prep Pack.

U-Shaped Pores - caused by lower skin elasticity because of dehydration also reduced skin elasticity. Helpful treatments include gentle and light moisturisers and oils, such as our Daily Rejuve Facial Oil which softens lifts and rejuvenates the skin.


2. Pore positioning remedies


Where specifically your skin pore issues are situated on your face also offers you clues on your best treatment options.


There are a significant number of sebaceous glands on the face. The pores on our foreheads are also at risk of getting clogged by products we use for our hair. Exfoliation can be the most effective method for this region. Try our Gentle Exfoliant to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells, dirt & bacteria. People with persistent issues in this region may need to opt for a more heavy duty chemical exfoliant.

Nose, cheeks and chin

The nose, cheeks and chin are the most commonly susceptible area of the face for pore issues. This is partly due to the high density of sebaceous glands in these areas. You’ll be sure to notice incredible improvement in these areas with this trio of treatments - cleansing, exfoliation and hydration. Our Oily Skin Kit offers the full treatment plan for pores by deeply detoxing, removing dirt, grime & impurities and hydrating your skin.

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