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How to Achieve a Perfectly Balanced, Summer Glow

How to Achieve a Perfectly Balanced, Summer Glow



Have you been to a shopping centre recently? If yes, you would have noticed the glitter of Christmas tree displays in amongst the ghoulish Halloween costumes. For those of us in the southern hemisphere, kicking off the the festive season also marks the start of summer. 

Australians typically embrace summer with a fervour, we party, play and relax more. However, the higher UV and humidity of the season can wreak havoc on our skin. Although this year we’re likely to experience a cooler and wetter summer due to la niña, we still have plenty of hot and humid days ahead.


6 tips for adapting your skincare routine for summer


Your skin needs different things depending on the season! So how you do make sure that your routine is ready to adapt to the warmer weather?

1. Up your cleansing routine

In summer, your skin may require cleansing twice a day. This is because as the days heat up, we sweat more and our skin can become oilier. You don't want to strip your skin of all it's oil, but some days additional cleansing with a gentle product such as our sensitive-skin friendly Lemon Myrtle Cleanser will do wonders for your skin.


2. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen

We can't say it enough. The biggest damage done to our skin is from the sun. Throughout the year we should wear sunscreen daily but in summer it’s essential and certain days you’ll need to apply it multiple times. Your skin will thank you.


3. Clay Away

A clay mask is a great way to help your skin regulate that unwanted extra oil production, so try adding this or something similar once a week. Cactus Flower Skincare’s White Clay Mask will treat your skin to the ultimate detox and brightness boost.


4. Vitamin C

Vitaman C (aside from being a fantastic brightness booster) also provides protection from the effects of photodamage. Include a vitamin C rich serum in your skincare regime such as our ultra hydrating Moister Boost Serum. Applying SPF, in the mornings, post the serum is also essential to prevent sun damage.

5. Consider Extra Exfoliation

Exfoliation is key to opening up those blocked pores & removing acne causing oil. You may need to add an extra day of exfoliation, but be careful as too much exfoliation can cause skin barrier damage.

6. Use a Lighter Moisturiser

Your summer moisturiser, depending on your skin type may need to be different from your winter. If you're finding your skin becomes oilier, try switching to a lighter product such as our Light Balancing Crème or Moisture Boost Serum or if you're using the Intense Hydrating Crème, switch to the Nature's Antioxidant.


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