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6 Easy Steps to Beat the Dry Skin Winter Blues. 🥶

6 Easy Steps to Beat the Dry Skin Winter Blues. 🥶


Winter loves to test our skin's hydration levels, there’s extra hot showers, cranked up heating and dry and/or icy winds to contend with. Fortunately, with the right routine, we can beat Winter at its game.


1 - Use a non-oil stripping cleanser.

If your skin feels tight and dry after cleansing, what you are using is stripping your skin of much needed moisture. Look for a cleanser that features hydrating ingredients & steer clear of surfactants (SLS, SLES etc). Try our best-selling, very gentle Lemon Myrtle Cleanser for incredible results with noticeable improvement in pores and skin tone.


2 - Layer your hydration.

In Summer, a single moisturiser might be enough for your skin, but in Winter with the demands of the cold & dry winds, this isn't the case. Be an onion (have layers)! Try adding a hydrating serum, hyaluronic acid or retinol (only at night) into your routine PRIOR to your regular moisturiser. A great option is our new formula Moisture Boost Serum now filled with even more beautiful, natural ingredients (including Vitamin C miracle workers Kakadu Plum & Desert Lime) to assist with anti-ageing and deep hydration. You might also benefit from using a heavier moisturiser daily. 


3 - Add a Vitamin C based serum!

Vitamin C for your skin has been proven to help prevent drying & combat UV rays that aren't fully blocked by sunscreen. It also helps to boost collagen production which will brighten your complexion.


4 - Stay Hydrated!

We know we have to drink water in Summer because it's hot, but sometimes we forget to drink enough water in Winter because it's cold. Skincare starts from the inside out, so staying hydrated is key.


5 - Sunscreen.

Every single day, without fail. Your skin is still susceptible to the sun & damage from UV rays in Winter. Protect it! 


6 - Embrace Facial Oils.

Many people are wary of oils as they think it will cause acne. This is NOT the case if you're using products that are non-comedogenic (won't block your pores). Add a facial oil into your routine after your evening moisturiser to deeply hydrate.  Made with natural ingredients our Daily Rejuve Facial Oil is sensitive skin friendly, it deeply repairs and rejuvenates dry skin.


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