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Can you treat pimples without using Salicylic Acid?

We recently had a great question from a customer that I forwarded onto our founder Deborah to answer. Her answer was so detailed, I decided it might be valuable to put here as a blog post. Let us know if you have any questions! We love helping!

I have couple of questions about your cleanser. You use apricot and avocado oil as the base. I know that oil dissolves oil and cleansing with oil is quite popular and there are so many of them out there: jojoba, sesame, sunflower.

I was wondering why did you choose specifically to use avocado and apricot? do they have better cleansing properties than the other oils do? These two oil are high in oleic acid which is great for dry skin but what about those with oily/acne prone will it be suitable for them? Is it true that problematic skin can benefit better from linoleic acid (grapeseed, hemp) rather than oleic?

And last what do you think of castor oil? is it true that this oil gives the most cleansing properties compared to all other oils?

Deborah's answer:
Thanks for your question. Salicylic Acid does help remove blocked pores, pimples and acne if the volume in the formulation is right. We choose to treat acne and pimples differently as there is the issue of photosensitivity when using this acid and other acids. It can increase your sun sensitivity by about 50% (which can cause photo-ageing and in some cases, skin cancer) There can be other skin irritant side effects as well.

Are there other ways of treating the problem without resorting to salicylic acid? Yes, absolutely.

There are a number of ingredients in the Lemon Myrtle Cleanser that assist with the process of clearing the skin and it works in conjunction with Light Balancing Creme and in particular, White Clay Mask.

Lemon Myrtle Cleanser

Let me give you an explanation  of how acne, pimples etc occur. I've taken this from a dermatology website and added comments of my own in blue.


Why Do Pores Clog? www.thedermreview.com

"You probably never considered that pores are your body’s way of staying clean. After all, the stuff that comes out of your pores doesn’t seem clean at all. But underneath your skin are glands called sebaceous glands, and they have a very important purpose. The oil excreted by the sebaceous 


glands, called sebum, acts like a glue to cling to dead skin cells. The skin cells are then excreted from the body through the pores to help you maintain healthy skin.( A good reason to exfoliate with our Gentle Exfoliant.)

"Sometimes, as the glands expel these dead skin cells, build-up can occur and your pores will clog.

The gland will continue to produce oil with no way to release the excess.

The result is an infection called a pimple or blackhead.

(This is where the Lemon Myrtle Oil, Lotus Extract and Sandalwood Oil in our Cleanser help because of their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that assists in fighting the infected pores.) There are also times when outside factors can cause blocked pores or acne. Makeup, pollution and hormonal changes that cause extra oil production can all aggravate and cause clogged pores on the face. (providing the skin with small percentages of external clean oil helps balance the skin so that it doesn't over produce from the inside and therefore cause blockages).

"In most cases, clogged pores on nose and face can be reduced or completely eradicated with the right treatment. When treating clogged pores, it isn’t enough just to wash the top layer of your skin. This will only clean the skin superficially ( this is just one reason not to use common foaming cleansers using sodium laurel sulphateand won’t work to remove all of the oils that builds up and clogs your pores. Instead, you need special products and treatments that can penetrate deep down into the pores and prevent the build-up of oil and dead skin cells in the first place.

Because of Apricot Kernel Oil and Aloe Vera Gel in our cleanser that have super fine molecular structure, Lemon Myrtle Cleanser cleans at the deepest levels of the skin.

How does oil clean oily skin, wouldn't it just clog up more and cause more acne? I say to people who ask this question, next time they have an oily build up on the bathtub that needs cleaning, use Apricot Kernel oil and see how well it cleans the bathtub ring whilst giving it a nice shine 

One more thing, the White Clay Mask is essential to detoxifying the skin and in particular, the acne areas.

Cactus Skincare - White Clay MaskThe three main products to get the best results are the Lemon Myrtle CleanserWhite Clay Mask and Light Balancing Creme. The best idea would be to buy these as a Bundle Pack as that offers the best value.

Remember also, that you can trial this full regimen for yourself for $9.95 here!

Oily Skin Bundle Pack

Have a look at the testimonials on our Facebook page from people with similar skin to yours that have had a successful outcome.