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Trying new skincare is a big deal, so we've made it easy...

We get it.

You just want to get to the point of finding a regimen that works for you but don't want to invest hundreds of dollars each time you try something only to be disappointed.

So that's why we offer a weeks trial of a full regimen suited to your skin for only $9.95

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Cactus Skincare - Trial regimen just $9.95

Lydia Simonis - Cactus Skincare testimonial

"It starts when I open my box of products, the natural fibres and the scent sets a natural emotional aura that confirms that I've made the right choice by choosing to use Cactus and this is just the packaging!! This skincare range is by far the best and my favourite to use. Cactus skincare smells fresh and I notice instant results in my skin for example: The hydration, complexion and I notice my skin is more vibrant after I've completed my 3-step regime of 'The Lemon Myrtle Cleanser', 'Gentle Exfoliant' and my personal favourite the 'Intense Hydrating Creme' . The products are subtle and soft and they are my number #1 skincare range. Thank you x" 

-Lydia Simonis

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So What do you get?

Cactus Skincare facial range

In your trial you will receive 4 trial size products tailored to your skin designed to get you moving on your journey to better skin. We put a bit of potpourri in there too because... well, who doesn't like potpourri?

Here are a few shots some happy customers uploaded their experience to instagram.

Cactus Skincare Samples Cactus Skincare Samples Cactus Skincare Samples example

 We'll send you an email with all the instructions you need to get started as well as a bit of information as to how the products work. It's good to know about what's going onto your skin!

Just make sure you tick the "accept marketing" box so that we have permission to give you your instructions and what not!

Cactus Skincare - Trial Regimen call to action

Brittany Bloomer - Cactus Skincare testimonial

"Cactus Skincare is a natural organic skincare made and owned in Australia. It is the only skin care that I can positively admit, works! If you are suffering from a break out, from either a big weekend or just stress, the best remedy is a Clay Mask, which actively works and delivers results over night. I tend to always use this mask after a big weekend, as I feel it detoxes my skin. The other products I use from the Cactus Skincare range is the Natures Anti-Oxidant Creme, which I use as a daily moisturiser. It contains apricot, jojoa & avocado. If I am looking for a more rich moisturising creme, I use the Intense Hydrating Creme, which contains evening primrose & sandalwood. In love."

-Brittany Bloomer

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Renae Ayris - Cactus Skincare
Karissa Pukas - Cactus Skincare
Stephanie Hunt - Cactus Skincare

"But how do they work?"

I hear you ask... Ok... it's only fair that I give you a bit of info as to how the products work before put it on your skin. 

Fair enough, you are an astute customer and I respect that.

Cactus Skincare - Lemon Myrtle Cleanser

Cleanse skin without stripping acid mantle

Cactus Skincare - Trial regimen only $9.95

Do you like apples? Because I like talking about them, or at least when I'm talking about skin I do. Your skin is a little like an apple, or your skin produces an oily/waxy substance called 'sebum' that waterproofs and protects your skin. So when cleaning your skin, it's important to be smart about how we do this so that we don't strip this vital component to healthy skin.


Deb Carr - Cactus Skincare testimonial

"I'm so in love with this skincare range it's safe to say that I will continue to use it even after my review. It's been a few weeks now and I've been diligently using the products night and day without using any other brands. My skin feels thicker, healthier and i don't bother wearing foundation as i don't feel I need it. The products are organic and smell delightful. Since i'm in my mature years i feel like Cactus Skincare are definitely nourishing my skin. 10 out of 10!"

-Deborah Carr

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Seal the Skin to Moisture loss

When we're a child, our skin is great. Our skin is producing plenty of sebum and it is well regulated. Think again of the apple. When you first take a bite, the flesh underneath is light and untouched but after a few minutes we start to see the flesh degrade as oxidisation occurs. The skin on the apple is like our acid mantle that is formed by sebum to protect the flesh underneath.

Cactus Skincare Light Balancing Creme
As we go through life, all sorts of things can interrupt the flow and regulation of sebum. Either hormones cause an overload of sebum trying to get to the skin that gets clogged in pores, or as we get older our sebaceous glands (the bits that pump sebum to the skin) get tired and don't produce as much... so we need a bit of help. Either in helping to regulate the flow of oil, or to replace oil that is no longer being produced. Depending on your skin, you'll get paired up with the right product to interact with your skin in the most helpful way.

Cactus Skincare - Nature's Anti-Oxidant CremeFun experiment, if you take a bite of an apple and leave it on the shelf for a few days the skin on the rest of the apple will start to wrinkle as it loses moisture. Similarly too, your skin can lose that vital moisture if it isn't locked in. So you want a formulation that is rich enough to lock in moisture whilst feeling comfortable on the skin.

Heal the skin with an Anti-Oxidant rich formulation

We hear about anti-oxidants all the time don't we? But what are they and what do they do? Well, to really understand them we need to understand what free radicals are (bear with me). Free radicals are all around us and can be found in cigarette smoke, alcohol, airborne pollutants... oxygen... and are basically unstable cells with only one electron. Cells want to be paired up and so they go looking for another electron to pair with. But they're naughty electrons and take electrons from healthy cells, thus rendering that cell unstable. Anti-Oxidants donate an electron to the lonely cell so they now have a pair of electrons and thus render the problem gone.

Lavinia Grace White - Cactus Skincare testimonialI could not be more pleased with the incredible results. I actually noticed my skin responding within the first three days, it felt softer, brighter and much clearer. A little bit more about the product; The cleanser contains Apricot Kernel Oil, Lemon Myrtle oil, Rapeseed Oil, this cleanser is not only antioxidant rich but contains natural ingredients that are antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. They also deliver a plethora of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, K, E and Omega 3, 6 and 9 to help keep your skin clean, healthy and balanced. Thank you Cactus !!"

- Lavinia Grace White  

Cactus Skincare - Trial Regimen

Ryan Clark - Cactus Skincare brand manager

We really hope you'll consider trialling our natural organic range. We've been working on it for over 20 years. My mother Deborah started working on perfecting her range of cosmetics over 20 years ago and has never lost her passion for good ingredients and constant gradual improvement. 

If you do want to find out a bit more about our history and brand ethos, you can find our story here.

Otherwise, feel free to shoot me an email with any questions on and I'll be happy to help.





Cactus Skincare - Trial Regimen

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Lydia Simonis - Cactus Skincare testimonial
Brittany Bloomer - Cactus Skincare testimonial
Deb Carr - Cactus Skincare testimonial