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Why we don't make a toner

Something that we get asked about quite a bit is whether or not we have a toner and the answer is always the same, no.

We believe that toners are an unnecessary step that often does more harm than good in the long run and are in our opinion, just one more thing that cosmetic companies can convince you to buy and put a few more dollars into their bank account.

Our cleanser doesn’t disrupt the PH balance of your skin (one of the major reasons for using a toner) which works to restore normal PH balance after using a cleanser which retards or disturbs the PH) nor does it interrupt or remove the precious acid mantle of your skin. This fatty acid called sebum is protecting your skin from air-born pollutants, sealing the skin to moisture loss, keeping you looking younger longer and big surprise, helps prevent against acne. See the following peer reviewed articles for a greater definition and work of sebum

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You will need to double cleanse if you’re removing makeup, one cleanse for the makeup, one for your skin. No need for a toner. Most advanced brands do not include a toner in their range.

Why are toners so popular?

Cactus Skincare | Lemon Myrtle CleanserWell, toners in the short term can give the skin a smooth look by shocking the pores shut. However in the long run, this process can cause a loss of elasticity in the pore, causing it to fall open and giving the skin an orange peel look. Closed pores and an even tone is achieved by using an efficient cleanser like Lemon Myrtle Cleanser and a good quality clay mask such as the White Clay Mask.

The old rule of thumb was that toners were something like one part alcohol and 5 parts water, which would make them very cheap to make and very profitable. But now that we all know that alcohol dries skin, people are wary of alcohol in their products. So we see a lot of toners that use witch hazel, which unfortunately acts in much the same way.

Witch hazel is an astringent that shrinks or constricts body tissues. The results of this can be a loss of skin elasticity and ultimately more visible pores, which doesn’t look great.

Now in saying this, the Internet is a big place and there are stories of people who claim to love witch hazel and toners. All we can offer is our experience and after many beauty trade shows and speaking with different industry people. Those who claim a love of toners and have been using them for years almost always have skin that hasn’t aged as well as it could have. The fact is, that we could easily produce a toner for our customers very cheaply and charge a premium price for it (you wouldn’t know that it’s useless and long term damaging) but we just don’t believe in it and want the best results for our clients.

In summary, I’d just say that the potential risk isn’t worth it, seeing as it’s just not necessary. As long as you’re using our Lemon Myrtle Cleanser and doing a White Clay Mask once a week you’re going to be getting a very deep clean and refining of your pores without running the risk of damaging them.

Stick to what works and don’t waste your money.

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