The Hidden Dangers of Polyethylene Micro-beads.

Deborah De Silva- Cactus Skincare FounderThere are thousands of brands out there that remove dead skin cells in different ways but the absolutely nefarious ingredient that you must avoid is polyethylene balls. Most products contain these deadly micro-beads. They do a good job of exfoliation, I don’t contend with that, but what they are doing to the eco system and food chain is horrific.

To name a few serious problems, they are not biodegradable, act like sponges by attracting other dangerous chemicals and pass through the sewer systems ending in the oceans. They damage coral; small fish ingest them because they can’t tell the difference between the micro-beads and food; large fish eat the small fish and humans eat the large fish. Shellfish like oysters are very seriously affected and the micro-beads are unnoticeable in the oyster that is being eaten.

The number of horror stories coming from the pollution caused by these beads are too many to list. Here is a link to a very good article. If you Google microbeads and the environment, you’ll find many such articles in reputable publications. This is just one

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Deborah De Silva
Deborah De Silva


Deborah is the founder and chief product developer. She has never lost her passion for ordering in posh ingredients and making her son smell them before creating incredible products.

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