The Free Radical theory of ageing and how Anti-Oxidants help in the fight.

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Ok so we all know that our bodies age.


It's happening both inside and out and the free radical theory of ageing states that this happens due to Free Radical damage.

While this is a topic that can become a bit technical, I’m going to keep this pretty simple because once you boil it right down to it’s basics, it kind of is.

For the discussion on free radicals as it pertains to ageing, we’re only talking about reactive free radicals. Melanin for example is a free radical that is not chemically reactive however most are highly reactive.

But what are free radicals?

Found in alcohol, cigarette smoke, oxygen, airborne pollutants etc. Free Radicals are atoms or molecules with only one electron. Now, electrons want to be paired with another electron in order to be stable. So if an electron finds itself in an atom without a partner electron it will snatch an electron from a healthy atom, which will then render that atom unstable. It’s this process that causes free radical damage and ultimately… ageing. Free Radical damage is also the process that causes cancer.

What can we do?

Anti-Oxidants are hugely important in the fight on Free Radicals as it is able to donate an electron to unstable atoms or molecules that would otherwise steal an electron from a healthy atom rendering it unstable. Once that atom is paired with the electron kindly donated by the Anti-Oxidant it is able to stabilise and go back to doing whatever it was doing before it lost its previous electron.

This process is not only going on on your skin but in your body too. So whilst we think it’s a great idea to use high concentration, high quality anti-oxidant rich formulations on your face, you should also give thought to ways that you can get some anti-oxidant intake from your food as well. There are so many different foods that are rich in anti-oxidants that I really recommend you do your own research on that as you might find a few foods that you love that could act as a good incentive to keep you coming back for more but for fun I’ll list a few that are my favourites. 

  • Cacao
  • Blueberries
  • Avocado
  • Green tea
  • Capsicum (red peppers)

But seriously, there are so many great options out there. Too many to list here! Get googling!

But like I said, it’s super important for skin to be regularly applying an Anti-Oxidant rich formulation topically that suits your skin. Many brands out there will only include enough Anti-Oxidants in their formulation to get a label claim. We have made sure that all our formulations are packed to the brim with high quality, high concentration Anti-Oxidants which is key to why we are able to achieve such incredible results so regularly.

Any questions? We’d love to have your thoughts in the comments below!

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Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark


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