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Jojoba oil is pretty magic.

Jojoba Oil is such an important ingredient as it is very close to your skin’s own sebum that is produced by your sebaceous glands. When you were a child your skin produced plenty of this stuff and perhaps it still does? But if you’re like most people, as we get older our sebaceous glands can either get tired and not produce enough of it or through hormonal changes in your body (puberty, stress etc) you may end up producing too much.


Sebum acts as a protective film, helping shield against the elements that could come in the form of airborne pollutants, oxygen, cigarette smoke and others. Having this protective layer is like when people put plastic over your furniture to make sure that it doesn’t get stained or get damaged by anything that comes in contact with it. The only difference is that this protective layer will leave your skin glowing and looking healthy.


That’s also why we get a bit urked when people say that they like a moisturiser that ‘sinks in’ to their skin. If your moisturiser ‘sinks in’ it hasn’t actually sunk in, it’s merely evaporated.


So if you have tired skin jojoba oil will help replace those oils that your skin is no longer producing enough of and magically enough… if you produce too much sebum, jojoba oil is theorised to ‘trick’ the skin into believing it has produced enough sebum and so will calm it down. This can help with pimples as pimples are formed when your skin is trying to produce that protective layer but in the rush to the surface of your skin gets stuck in a traffic jam that manifests in pimples.


Jojoba oil also helps encourage skin elasticity and contains nutrients such as vitamin E, B complex vitamins, silicon, chromium, copper, and zinc.

That’s why we include high grade, high volume jojoba oil in our

It’s a simple ingredient that just works very very well so long as you are getting it in high quality and high concentration. Many brands will include just enough to get a label claim, but as our products are just about 100% active we’re using this stuff like it’s going out of fashion. Only it’s not going out of fashion. But whether it is in or out of fashion, we use it because it works brilliantly and will continue to use it until we find something that works better but I just can’t imagine that happening.