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Hemp Hearts for great skin and good health!

Hemp Hearts | Cactus Skincare

Hemp hearts are awesome. Now whilst we are a skincare company so the main context for us here is that including hemp hearts in your diet regularly is going to help your skin, it also is fantastic for your overall health. To me, we want our skin to look good because we want to be happy, we want to feel confident when we’re out in public so I’ll cover briefly why they’re great for skin first then go into the general health benefits. Although that said, they’re kind of interrelated.

If you’re healthy, chances are you’re going to have better skin. Your body is going to prioritise nutrients to the proper functioning of your body so if you’re deficient in something, anything your body gets of that ingredient you’re low in it’s going to send it to the departments that handle the nuts and bolts of function and your skin will most likely be last on its list of priorities.
So anyway, here we go!

  1. High in Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 is an awesome ingredient to help reduce skin inflammation and can help ease things like psoriasis, flaky skin, acne and rosacea. Often in our modern diets our omega fatty acid ratios can be lopsided and our omega 6 often outnumbers our Omega 3 10 to 1. For general health it’s better to have that ratio looking like 4:1. Hemp hearts have a ratio of 2.5:1 which might seem like it’s going too far but because so much of our food is out of whack in this regard and Omega 3’s are a little hard to come by hemp hearts do an awesome job of balancing things out.
  1. High in GLA

Another essential fatty acid this one is actually an Omega 6 fatty acid and helps with hormonal health with many women finding benefits for things like PMS. They help stimulate hair and skin growth and have also been observed to help with breast pain, obesity, skin allergies and Premenstrual syndrome.
  1. Weight loss

Many experts say that hemp hearts work beautifully as an appetite suppressor and can aid in the burning of fat and muscle growth. This is partly to do with the fact that it has a high fibre content.
  1. Helps fight cancer


Cancer sucks. So eating foods that help keep it at bay is a great idea. Because of it’s Omega 3 to 6 ratio as well as its GLA content makes it very helpful in maintaining a healthy immune system.


Also, there are studies showing that hemp hearts can help slow, stop and sometimes even reverse the spread of breast cancer, some brain tumours and lung cancer.


Now if you’re like me… hemp hearts don’t seem like the most obvious ingredient to include in a meal, so I normally just dump a few tablespoons in my morning smoothie. Although, in writing this article I did a search and it seems that there are more recipes than I thought and I’m keen to try out a few that I found here:




Comment below if you have any thoughts or if you’d like us to cover something else!