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Eyebrow and Eyelid Function



Eyebrows, eyelids and eyelashes can look great but they also have important functionality.

Eyebrows are designed to prevent perspiration and debris from entering the eye socket.

Eyelids make sure that the eyes are kept moist, spreading out tears that are produced by the lacrimal apparatus, tiny structures that create tears.

Moisture Protection

It’s very important to keep the skin surrounding the eyes clean and safe. This skin is very thin and produces much less sebum (protective oil that skin ordinarily produces everywhere else). Over time, it loses its elasticity and begins to droop, eventually falling into crepey folds. This loss of elasticity can be prevented or slowed down with a bit of care and maintenance. 

First, we need to make sure the skin is clean and free of makeup morning and night. The application of a rich eye crème is essential to lock in moisture. It’s moisture loss (apart from sun damage) that is the key factor in the formation of lines and wrinkles.

As collagen and elastin fibres dehydrate, they become thinner, the skin loses its plumpness and that’s when lines form and eventually develop into wrinkles.

Your eye crème should leave a fine film on the skin, which acts as a barrier to moisture loss and helps maintain moisture in the collagen fibres, which in turn gives a lovely supple, plump and healthy appearance to our visage.


It’s a good idea to avoid makeup as much as possible. Be very careful what you use, especially in the delicate eye area. Look for brands that are hypoallergenic.

When wearing makeup, try not to be heavy handed. Removal of makeup, especially if it has been applied heavily, will require a fair amount of pulling and tugging which stretches the skin and over time will increase the laxness of it and contribute substantially to premature ageing.

As a last thought about makeup, whatever you do, don’t ever try makeup testers on your eyes, it’s possible to contract an infection.


The eyelids contain no subcutaneous fat or sebaceous glands and the skin is very thin and delicate. That’s why the eye area is one of the first parts of the body to show signs of ageing. It’s imperative that your eye crème is a rich formulation. You’re wasting your money if you try using a gel or light crème. The water content in it will evaporate as you are applying it.

Intense Eye Creme application

Never drag your eye crème on to your skin. Always warm it up by rubbing your fingers together and pat the crème around the outer edges of the eye beginning with the brow bone, then the outer sides of the eye and down onto the lower lid under the eye.

Get plenty of sleep. When you sleep, the reparative hormones come out and set to work restoring the body. I always liken it to Disneyland. When the park shuts down for the night, people come out with paint, paint brushes, tools and go to work touching everything up so that when it opens again the next day, it looks fresh and brand new. No tired looking rides or attractions. 


While lids, lashes and brows are working to keep the eyes moist, protected and functioning well, we need to ensure that the skin on the outer edges of the eye is protected and well moisturized.

Within Cactus Skincare’s Eye Crème Intense, you have highly functional ingredients like Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Avocado Oil and now introducing Prickly Pear Oil (powerful antioxidant) among others, which serve a quadruple purpose in sealing the skin to moisture loss, antioxidant protection, anti-ageing properties and vitamins and minerals as aids to daily skin health. 

All these work together to create a clean, protected and healing environment to help guard against free radical damage, dryness, irritation and premature ageing.

Cactus Skincare Intense Eye Creme

Cactus Skincare Intense Eye Creme


Deborah De Silva
Deborah De Silva


Deborah is the founder and chief product developer. She has never lost her passion for ordering in posh ingredients and making her son smell them before creating incredible products.