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5 Reasons To Exfoliate twice weekly

To get the best results for your skin, exfoliating each week is unquestionably essential. I mean, obviously these are the benefits to using our Gentle Exfoliant. We really can't speak for other brands that may not (and most likely won't) have all the features and efficacy that ours does. 


  • It provides a deep clean

Your Exfoliant shouldn’t just remove dead skin cells but should also contain natural/organic ingredients that are antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal. Why? These ingredients will assist further in the cleansing of the skin at a deep level and will help prevent infection in the pores like acne, pimples and blackheads. When using Cactus Skincare Gentle Exfoliant, which contains all these properties within it’s ingredients, it preps the skin for the White Clay Mask, which further draws toxins from the skin and aids in the repair of skin whether that is to restore a clear complexion or to help ageing skin to repair itself more vigorously.


  • Increases nutrient absorption of your moisturiser

When dead skin cells are removed, there are no platelets sitting on the skin to block your moisturizer from contact with your skin and penetration into the deeper layers. You’re wasting your money to some extent if you are not exfoliating once per week. Your mask also gains better penetration and therefore a better result in the look, feel and health of your skin.


  • Your skin will glow

Your skin will look so much more luminous after exfoliation. Light reflects off the skin when there are no dead platelets absorbing light and not reflecting it. Light reflecting off the skin illuminates it. It gives it a flawless look. You won’t need to wear makeup / foundation because the skin glows all by itself. Just a lick of lipstick and mascara and you’re good to go.


  • Better makeup application

If you’re used to wearing makeup and can’t get used to not using it, your makeup will spread so much more evenly and prevent the makeup from looking scaly or patchy. You’ll get a lovely even result.


  • It makes your skin feel great

Your skin feels so soft and smooth to touch after exfoliating. I love the feeling of my skin after exfoliating, especially if I use the White Clay Mask directly afterward. My moisturizer (Intense Hydrating Crème) makes my skin glow and although I have the odd line here and there and one or two broken capillaries (what can you expect when you’re over 60?), I don’t ever feel like I need foundation or skin cover. I just wear light eye shadow, mascara and lipstick when I’m going out. (There could also be another reason to think I don’t need foundation and that could be that I wear glasses and I can’t see my skin all that well, so what I don’t know, can’t hurt me).


  • It keeps your skin young (this actually makes it 6 facts but 5 just sounds better, don't you think?)

Exfoliating your skin also helps keep your skin youthful and fights the signs of ageing. You can never start too young, caring for your skin. It’s a once a week quick routine in the shower or your bath. Very simple.


Bonus facts! How lucky are you?


  • Guys just need to exfoliate the bits they don't shave

Guys should exfoliate the areas where they don’t shave. When a guy shaves, he is already exfoliating that skin. The razor removes dead skin cells whilst taking off the whiskers. After that, he should exfoliate the areas that he doesn’t shave to keep the skin looking even. As long as they are using the Lemon Myrtle Cleanser as shaving lubricant, their skin will gain similar skin treatment  as the Gentle Exfoliant.


  • We don't use micro-beads

Cactus Skincare Gentle Exfoliant contains very fine Jojoba Beads, which are both biodegradable and very gentle to the skin. It’s also important not to use a product containing Walnut shell Powder or other shell powders because they are too abrasive. You can easily scratch/abrade the skin and damage it.

The use of micro-beads is actually a really big deal and a huge problem. They'r in a heap of exfoliants on the market. We did a bit of a blog piece all about it here:

The hidden dangers of polyethylene micro beads Cactus Skincare - Gentle Exfoliant